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07.07.21 04:58:07 am
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Thank you very much for the clarification. Now it is way more clear to me. Perhaps you should beef up a bit the description in the diary.

Hey man, absolutely no pressure at all from me to get back to code. I know life goes on. You already made this mod the best Stranded mod ever. Any other improvement would be splitting hairs.

If I can keep throwing suggestions in is because that is what I have been doing since day one, and you have been so gracious to indulge most of them that you have spoiled me.

I do want to escape the island, this was one of the first things we discussed years ago when you first started modding -- check out our first few posts. So, that is why I kept asking about the clues.

As always, thank you so much for your help and for a great game.

12.07.21 09:26:19 pm
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question: how do you make a food preservative or how you called it? I couldn't find it anywhere in the first page and in the crafting log...

I gave the game a go once again and I must say that when you know what you are doing, then it is much easier
Right now I am on large expert island, start of summer, finishing my first greenhouse, storages full of food and water.
Since there are rats everywhere, I didn't even had to eat any of the slime/insects from barks, so i have stack of those as well. Rats can pretty much feed you up to the point that you start farming in large scale. I didn't even need fishing now even if I used is a main source in previous games. Combined with the occasional eagle that is also free food...
Same as previous game, I could cook soups way before i had 6 slots on the grill and one of my fireplaces bugged when it was very close to my second fireplace, both were burning, bugged one had log in it and i was removing coal frequently. One/some of these conditions make the fireplace into eternal fire immune to rain or wood shortage (ideal for destiller)
Also the escaping is not a priority for me since I don't like leaving my camp too much, and when I get to the point that I built all the buildings on the list, then it would take a lot of time to collect and wait, collect and wait, ....
would it be at least possible to give the trade pirate clues for sale (either as very expensive or based on the time spent non the island, clue 1 after 15 days, 2 after 30 etc? not sure if it is even possible to set up like this)
Also when trying to sleep on the rocks to avoid predators, you get fall dmg several times per night, with unconsciousness and all.

It is a lot of complaining in one message, but all of these are details and do not spoil the game experience in a major way. This is still perfect
13.07.21 02:48:04 pm
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Either mix sugar or salt with starch to get the preservatives.

How do I leave the Island? I have the clues but leaving the island with the supply ship didnt result in anything. Please help
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16.07.21 07:16:46 pm
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Thanks all for the feedback...i just have no time right now to put into working on the mod atm.

Hopefully soon!!!

@Prinz - When you press Attempt Escape you should follow the text instructions that follow and navigate to escape. It should lead you through a series of directions YOU MUST FOLLOW to escape.

Note: The clues are scripted to unlock and work when escaping...if you used the EDITOR and "gave" your self the clues it will not work. You cannot "spawn" yourself the clues cuz escape will not work then. (if you did this). (Hence, you must find the clues when you are playing the game normally for the escape scripts to work.)
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02.09.21 08:48:38 pm
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Ahhh, I remember wasting a lot of time on trying to find an underground spring with an iron shovel. But the steel shovel is an answer.

Also, if your pump runs dry, you can just dig up another spring, destroy the pump (It returns you the resources used to make it), and place it again.

Alsooo, the pirate trade... Is OP as heck. Pro tip for early pirate: He can sell you hemp. IIRC, 12 hemp for 3 coins, or so. Then, you can roll it up into joints. and 25 joints sell for like 32 gold. 1 hemp (+ 1 leaf, but that's easy to get) = 1 joint. It's an easy tactic to just sell all your gold nuggets you have found to the pirate, get a bunch of hemp, and stock up on it before he leaves, then just roll joints in spare time, preparing for him coming back.
Another thing about him is: He literally pays you more gold coins for gold nuggets, than you'd get from smithing them at an anvil.

And just one more... If you furthermore put your effort into processing, you can turn 10 gold nuggets into 5 Golden gold rings, which are worth 170 gold to the pirate, instead of 110 gold coins he'd pay for 10 nugs.

Buying the coffee, grain, and pies, as well as berries for the winter from pirate is the easiest way to not worry about your food supplies. OP.

You know Jack, as a little bit of feedback, I feel you have forgotten one very important cooking recipe in this mod.

Because you know, one of the greatest, most universal food known to mankind, COULD be made in this mod. And even the condiment to go along with it. And I know that if I was Stranded on an island, and I had these two things at least: Potatoes and Oil...
I'd make french fries. And there are even tomatoes but no ketchup recipe!!! Unplayable. JK!

One more thing Jack. I was looking through the code again... And I was wondering. This piece of code below, what is the exact chance of the event happening? Like, could you explain a tiny bit to me the logic behind the code here?
Does it just mean that it rolls a random number from 1 to 24 and if it's 12 then it happens?
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15.09.21 05:19:48 am
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Love those tips and suggestions!! I am behind u 100%.
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