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old Swiss_Army_Knives

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Have you ever used them before, and for what?
Are they reliable and durable like they advertise on TV/Internet?
What do you think about the multi-tools that are integrated on the Swiss army Knife, are they useful?

tell us what do you think

old Re: Swiss_Army_Knives

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Sir.. how do you come up with these questions and why the underscores in the title?

I have one and I think it's useful (and durable) but of course putting a lot of tools into a small multi tool comes with downsides. In some cases it's much more convenient to have a real tool with a bigger size. That's especially true if you work with the stuff a lot. I mean: You definitely don't want to use a screw driver in a swiss army knife if you have to screw hundreds of screws.

But if you want to have multiple tools which don't take up much space it's a nice solution.
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